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the one you get when you're lonely, you've been hurt or lied to, or when a man you have feelings for says “he's not ready”. after several years, helping woman after woman, I now publish a free email newsletter that teaches any woman how to DRAMATICALLY increase her success with men and dating. It's free, there's no obligation, I'll never share you're email address with anyone, and you can easily remove yourself with no hassles.

You don't have to be afraid you might wind up being lied to, cheated on or that you'll end up alone. (And no, I'll never pull any of those tricks where I send you a bunch of unwanted junkmail when you try to remove yourself.)Of course, it even get's better than that...

Getting the wrong messages from men causes women more pain and heartache than any other issue around.

You can avoid this pain if you learn to indentify a good man from a bad one.

She might enjoy what she gets out of it, but it doesn't change the way she FEELS about him. A man has a clear idea of what he wants from a woman... I know, it might be hard to believe, but if you're out on a date with a man, he already has an idea of what he wants from you. Over the last few years it's been hard to watch the women around me (even those I dated) struggle to understand the men they were attracted to or dating.

I want to help you create an amazing relationship with the right man...

without having to deal with all the wrong men, be “manipulated” or experience the pain and loss I've helped other women avoid.

When a man just isn't interested, women will try and chase, compliment, convince and do their best to change his mind with logical and rational approaches. And if you don't know HOW to find this out, and you just sit there looking at him and flirting, or trying things you think will make him want you, he won't help! This mistake keeps women from EVER having the kind of success and finding the kind of man and relationship that they truly want. It frustrated the hell out of me and I made the decision to do whatever it took to help the women I knew learn how to be successful with men and dating.

If you don't know what to do in each situation, you'll probably screw it up... I know, you don't like to make yourself look weak or helpless. Well, after a lot of hard work and doing all kinds of crazy things to learn the real-world truth about men and women, I finally figured things out for myself.

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