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It was especially important to note that the bulk size packages were almost never the cheapest paper towels.If you use 1 roll of paper towels per day, it works out to 5/year!I also compared the cost of each of these cleaning solutions.

I often get asked how to get cheap paper towels, so I tested these 10 paper towels to see which ones saved the most money.Well I haven’t arrived at that point yet but now I find that, in most cases, a rag seems to do a better job.I do use paper towels sometimes as I said because I have found nothing that works better for things like draining my bacon or lining my fruit and veggie drawer in the fridge.Some people are afraid of using rags, thinking that they’ll be spreading germs around as they clean, but as long as you wash them regularly, and be cautious about not continuing to clean with one that has been in contact with raw meat or something, you’ll be fine and you’ll be able to save a lot of money.Tawra just emailed me and asked if I would write something concerning rags vs. I have not spent a whole lot of time deeply contemplating the issue of paper towels vs. I do love paper towels and totally believe in using them, but I only use them rarely, so spending a lot of time looking for cheap paper towels was never an issue for me.

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