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It covers how you can seed column usage to identify where there's a benefit in using extended statistics.

Note that some column usage information is always captured to help identify columns that can benefit from histograms.

This is how to prepare the LOAD table before the exchange: Q2 will have fresh statistics and a synopsis as soon as the exchange completes. Statistics on Q2 will be gathered again after the exchange (when statistics are gathered on SALES) unless you have created appropriate histograms and extended statistics on LOAD before the exchange.

The result of this is that the global-level statistics for SALES can be refreshed faster in Oracle Database 12c than they can be in Oracle Database 11g.This is easy to do because any statistics gathered on LOAD will be associated with Q2 after the exchange.However, bear in mind that this will ultimately mean that statistics for the new data will be gathered twice: once before the exchange (on the LOAD table) and once again after the exchange (for the Q2 partition when SALES statistics are re-gathered).The data in LOAD is published to SALES “at the flick of a switch”.Typically, the exchange step looks like this: Operationally, this approach is more complex than inserting data directly into SALES but it offers some advantages.

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