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Then you’ll find out about some little-known books (that don’t have social anxiety in the title) that can help you be less anxious, awkward and quiet around people. My top recommended resource for overcoming social anxiety is obviously going to be… Now, before you run away from this page because of my blatant and unashamed self promotion, here’s why you should take a look at this…Back when I had really bad social anxiety, I couldn’t find the answer or cure to my problems in just one book.If you’re looking for a crash course in cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety, then this would be your best introduction.These are the same types of techniques you may learn from a typical therapist, but tailored towards social anxiety sufferers.Although their outer image was changed, their inner “self image” stayed the same, so their problems of low self esteem, shyness, insecurity, loneliness continued. Maltz create a method to change your “self image.” That’s what he called your inner picture of the sort of person you are.He said you cannot create outer change in your life without first creating inner change in your self image.Things like writing down your thoughts, analyze when you’re making common thinking errors, etc. Yes, I know that’s a HUGE claim to make for a book that has the questionable subtitle “A guide to spiritual enlightenment.” So what’s this book about? If you truly pay attention, you’ll see that most of the time your mind is either remembering or reliving scenes from the past…

And this is what causes most of your anxiety, frustration and unhappiness.Specifically, feeling ashamed about who you are as a person.This is what I call toxic shame, and you should check out my video about this topic here: Do You Feel Constantly Ashamed Of Yourself?If you’re looking for the top books to help you overcome social anxiety, then you’ve come to the right place.As someone who suffered with really bad social anxiety, I managed to overcome my issues by studying everything I could find relating to shyness and social anxiety.

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