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Trees are the longest lived and oldest living being on earth.Some Californian trees have been alive since before the Pyramids were built, in Gethsemane are trees that witnessed the crucifixion and in Sri Lanka trees that were alive in the time of the Buddha.The tree is a powerful metaphor expressed in ancient mythologies and the early religions, from the Bodhi tree under which the Buddha achieved Nirvana to the wooden cross upon which Christ was crucified.The Tibetan Buddhist Guru Rinpoche, also called Padmasambhava, was born emerging on a lotus from a lake and his initiates meditate on the refuge tree to remind themselves of their teaching lineage.

Beneath it is the Well of Fate where the three female “fates” spin the courses of men's lives.

We must carefully restore their sacredness as a matter of urgency and reverse our wholesale rape of their habitat on all continents that continue to this day.

Trees are central to our ecological visions of the future.

Early Chaldean myths mention a tree at the centre of the world, the tapestry of which revolves to describe creation.

Although such images of the world tree might seem fanciful to us, they express the need of early humanity to identify and worship living symbolic connections between earth and heaven.

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