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Yes, I know installing solar panels could boost new home prices, already one of the market’s priciest segments.For starters, I don’t see a great deal of standing inventory of unsold new homes, perhaps that market segment — many of them the well-heeled, for sure — can afford this energy-saving addition.Plus, solar panels on new homes help answer a nagging question about development: Who pays for the infrastructure required for a growing society?In theory, mandatory solar roofs may mean communities may skip debating which side of town gets to host an ugly new power source to light their growing city.

Thus: My idea means lenders would indirectly “value” solar’s benefit. The state’s many housing affordability challenges — and that includes the impact of future development on a community — will require novel solutions outside of build-build-build.

The statute of limitations was extended to age 28 or up to 10 years after the reasonable discovery of the violation, whichever is later. Each of the governing bodies for Olympic athletes such as USA Gymnastics and USA Swimming will work with the center to develop procedures for accepting complaints and reporting them to law enforcement.

The legislation also requires the governing bodies for amateur athletes to put in place "reasonable procedures" to limit one-on-one interactions between minors and adults, except in emergencies. Feinstein met last year with some of the gymnasts alleging sexual abuse.

Virtually all new homes in California will have to have similar “PV” panels starting in 2020 under proposed rules state energy officials are expected to approve May 9.

“It’s no surprise for us,” said Jacob Atalla, KB Home’s vice president of sustainability initiatives.

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