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They can reach the Channel without showing a passport.

Teenage Albanian boys are taken with their parents or other close relatives through the Schengen area and left at ports in France, Belgium or Holland.

Many end up in foster care or at the mercy of criminals, a Daily Mail investigation reveals.

Some are forced to work as drug mules for Albanian crime gangs – which police recently described as the ‘most ruthless the UK has ever seen’.

Many are encouraged to travel here by their parents, who take them part of the way before helping to pay traffickers to spirit them across the Channel, officials said.

The 61-year-old told Border Force officials: ‘I thought I was just delivering furniture.’ The father of one claimed he had ‘met a man at a pub’ near his home in Langley, near Slough, and was offered £500 to collect a load from France.From there they are fixed up with people smugglers who take them to the UK where they are provided social care – usually with a foster family – and schooling.Yesterday, Albania’s deputy internal affairs minister Rovena Voda urged the UK to follow Germany and France in swiftly sending home under-18s who have asylum claims rejected.Mrs Voda said: ‘The reason so many go to the UK rather than Germany or France or the Netherlands is that those countries do much more to deport them earlier.In Britain this is not the case, and this makes it more attractive.’She added that some parents use their children as pawns, sending them over to get asylum before following them to the UK.

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