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As an alternative, you could use a text-based format.Some examples are comma-separated files, Microsoft . These kinds of files are easy to use and understand (just use a text editor — no fancy binary editor) but they are not very powerful.A root element is an element without a parent, and it contains all other elements. Though not absolutely required, it's preferable to begin XML documents with a XML declaration such as .This declaration indicates the version of XML being used, helps identify the document and its encoding (see the sidebar entitled "Unicode and Alternate Character Encodings"), and includes additional useful information. There are other kinds of markup: comments, entity references, character references, CDATA sections, processing instructions, and document type declarations. For compatibility with SGML, the string -- (double hyphen) is not allowed within comments.XML is an abbreviated version of SGML—the international standard for defining the structure and content of electronic documents.XML eliminates the more complex and unused features of SGML making it much simpler to implement, but still compatible with its ancestor.I cover only comments, entity references, and character references in detail here. Sometimes you may need to use the character ), amp (for &), apos (for ') and quot (for ") You can define your own, but that subject is out of the scope of this article. CDATA sections are used to escape blocks of text containing characters that would otherwise be recognized as markups. The target xml is reserved (and is used in particular in XML prologs). Using a DTD, a parser can determine if the document is valid.DTDs (Document type declarations) represent the most difficult part of XML. In fact, there are two complementary types of correct XML documents: well formed and valid.

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Using binary formats allows you to store complex structures, lists, arrays, etc., but also has some drawbacks.

RECENTLY, MODELISTICA HAS, been conducting an evaluation and feasibility study to determine the suitability of XML and Java for the representation and manipulation of Transport and Land Use (TLU) modeling information as used in urban and regional planning.

XML, the Extended Markup Language, is highly publicized as the replacement for HTML for describing document content on the Web.

You can store integers or text, but more complex structures like arrays or lists are a problem. It's a text-based, hierarchical format that has the advantage of both the binary and text-based worlds. Even if it was primarily designed for the Web, it can be used for any application that needs to store data or communicate with other applications.

This article presents a simple XML parser that implements a subset of the XML specification.

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