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Of course dating a doctor would make his parents proud – he inwardly contemplated – but he had never thought that a doctor could look like this.He had expected them to be perfectly groomed and be-suited.To begin with the staff didn’t seem to keen to assist but just before his friends were forced to seek help somewhere else, the tour event doctor walked in.“I’ve stepped on some glass,” Gerry said, looking up at the very tall, scruffy blonde-haired doctor.He had a mischievous grin on his face that suggested he was well travelled even though he didn’t look any older than Gerry was.Our member base of single men and women are looking for someone who shares the same goals and interests, so whatever you desire in a mate you’ll easily find many others who match your idea of a good time.

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But somehow on this guy it seemed perfect and he seemed oblivious to how Gerry’s chest had started to rise and fall rapidly.

He might have been an African-American raised in Colorado but he had always known he was a Californian beach boy at heart.

Chasing his future as an actor hadn’t gone as well as he’d expected – it never did for any actor – but he found his youthful good looks, even into his early 40’s (sorry mid 30’s) were particularly in demand from advertisers.

Gerrard then helped Gerry onto the table and said, “So let’s take a look at this,” as he carefully raised Gerry’s legs onto the table.

His professional doctor-ly manner contrasted greatly with his Hawaiian shirt.

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