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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. So why do I have the audacity to question the genuineness of your "morality"? Just a friendly caution: watch out you don't get carried away or "fall in love" with being so unique, in your own mind. and try not to infer my emotional state from what I say. I STRONGLY prefer the idea of having sex with someone, who like me is completely inexperienced, and completely clean to the idea. My "Holy Quest" in truth is to find someone I can really connect to. that is the hard task.(Getting back to the OP, and off of Agwan's hairiness)-Thomas Jefferson warned us all against "entangling alliances". Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I'd much prefer to be gay, and I'm actually a little Bi-curious. As I mentioned earlier about abstinence, it's a common human failing to get hooked on some quirk about one's own life, and for various reasons, turn the quirk into a holy quest. Sex is verrrrry entangling, the more so after the orgasmic ripples flatten out. OT: I abstain from philandering, cheating and getting some on the side every day of my life. But I like to think I reap all the same great spiritual benefits.

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I don't mean to disappoint you there, shooter, but the first time won't be that special. Everything will work out in the end.people keep replying to that as though there is subtext in it. in ways most humans really can't be.") , is what makes me suspect that you are building such a psychological monument to your situation, that you will try to continue keeping to it, long past when you are actually ready to join the rest of the world in linking with another. It can be a weapon, even a wmd, as well as one's finest moment. The way your mind works can be completely compatible with someone else you may not suspect. Some of the most brilliant people out there have some form of Autism/Aspergers and can still function socially; some even captivate others. Just go talk to girls, get rejected, and start over. TO be honest I wouldn't sate someone who had been abstinate for an extended period of time. the one with a padded seat and dual yeah, i am absolutely socially inept. but I also feel I have a right to be as moral, and expect a similar morality... just like everyone else has a right to their views. You do have the right to hold out from having a partner until such time as you happen to find one that willingly has the same standard as you. being in the majority does not make you right or wrong. ask direct questions, get direct answers.assume things about me, and the longer we discuss this the further from the truth you will be. otherwise I would not have been willing to discuss it. like all people must do when they interact with someone new. I don't want to write some big boring novel about me. ) You want for yourself..do NOT however have the right to expect the same from a partner! thats how you feel, and its how a lot of people feel. then a more realistic view of who you're talking to would indeed help you reach me. I can be (and am) a very moral person, and that has nothing to do with who or how often I have had sex. Both sides argue that their approach is effective, especially in light of the continuing decline in teen pregnancy rates and teen birth rates. "Abstinence Only Sex Ed Has Unexpected Benefit: Math Gains? Whether that's true or not, one fact is clear: the rates in recent years have hit record lows.

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