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Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Says Trade Wars are Good; Dow Struggles Amid Talk of Trade War; EU Leader Thank British Prime Minister for "Clarity"; Trump Promises Victory in Global Trade Wars; Euroskeptic Parties Hope for Victory in Italian Elections. Aired 4-5p ET • Comcast Take on Murdoch with Bid for Sky; German Car Industry Rattled by Diesel Ban; Powell Faces First Capitol Hill Hearing as Fed Chair; Olympic Curling Champion Goes Back to Work.Aired 4-5p ET • Dow Sinks as Trump Announces Steel Tariffs; U. Allies Vow to Respond to Tariffs; European Travel Snarled by Major Snowstorm; QVC Takes on Amazon; Belvedere Vodka Teams Up with U. Aired 4-5p ET • Dow Surges in Fresh Push for 26,000; Nene Returns as South African Finance Minister; Trump Calls Xi "Unique" After Term Limits Removed; Samsung Shows Off New Flagship Smartphone; Journalist Found Dead After Investigation Tax Fraud.Rallies for First Gains of the Week; IATA Hails Safe Year for Aviation; Trump Says He'll Take Action, But NRA Won't Budge; Florida Shooting Survivor Demand Action at CNN Town Hall; Facebook, You Tube Spread Conspiracy Theories; Dow Snaps Losing Streak; Dow, S&P 500 Close Higher; Major U. Markets, Close Higher; Amazon Ends Session at All-Time Closing High.4-P ET • Walmart Earnings Disappoint, Amid Amazon Battle; ECB Official Refuses to Resign Amid Corruption Charges; Sweating It Out in Barry's Bootcamp; Eurostar Previews New London to Amsterdam Route; Venezuela Starts Selling Own Cryptocurrency. Aired 4-5p ET • Jacob Zuma Defies Party's Calls to Step Down; Trump Vows to Revise U. Aired 4-5p ET • Dow Suffers Worst Point Drop in Years; Trump Slams FBI Controversial Memo Released; Democrats Warn of Constitutional Crisis in U.

Aired 4-5p ET • Doctor Gives Results of Trump's Physical; Dow Falls Back after Topping 26,000; Arianna Huffington on #Me Too Movement; Vantiv-Worldpay Deal Values Firm at Billion; Trump's Energy Deregulation Spree; Trump Voters in Ohio Happy with Their President; Luxury Watchmakers Turn to Social Media. Aired 4-5p ET • Dow Hits 25,000 for First Time; Trump Lawyers Try to Block Bombshell Book; Intel Shares Hit by Chip Security Scare; Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Goals for 2018; Qatari Jewels Stolen from Venice Exhibition. Over Jerusalem Vote; Ryanair on Eve of First Ever Pilot Strike; Las Vegas Prepares for Lady Gaga Residency; Bitcoin Mania Entices Penny Stocks to pivot. Aired 4-5p ET • Increasing Number of Terrorist Attack in Egypt; European Project Under Immense Pressure; Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Sworn in As Zimbabwe's Third President; Black Friday Shopping; Paris Protests Slave Auctions in Libya.Aired 5-6p ET • Dow Plunges 1,000 Points as Sell-Off Resumes; Carney Braces Britain for Faster Rate Hikes; U. Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Says It's a Great Time to Do Business in U. Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Makes Wave in Davos; Mnuchin Goes (Green) Back and Forth on Dollar; U. President Hints at TPP Turnaround; Australian Trade Minister Reacts to Trump's TPP Hints; Pakistan Prime Minister bothered by Trump's Aid Treats. Markets; South Africa Ruling Party Picks New Leader; Atlanta Airport Back Online After Power Failure; New "Star Wars" Film has Second-Best Opening Ever. Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capita; Poundland Owner Hit by Accounting Scandal; Google Removes You Tube from Amazon Devices; Wildfires Rage near Los Angeles; Ford Predicts the Future to Set Business Strategy.S.; Lagarde Says Judge Trump on Deeds Not Creeds; U. Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Team Warns of Trade War in Davos; Merkel and Macron Defend Globalization; Mnangagwa Says Zimbabwe is Open for Business; Interpol Says Cybercrime is Our Turf; Saudi Aramco CEO Sheds Light on IPO Decision. Aired 4-5 • Trump Destined for Davos After Shutdown Breakthrough; Markets at Records on Eve of World Economic Forum; World Economic Forum Calls on Leaders to Mend Fractured World; KPMG Chairman Warns of Geopolitical Dangers; IHG CEO Says We're Using Tax Break to Grow Our Business; • Schumer Reports Progress on Shutdown Talks; Merkel Plans Trip to Davos; Coke CEO Calls for a "World Without Waste"; Google Arts and Culture App Goes Viral; Delta Gets Tighter with Pets on Planes; • Apple Promises Massive Investment in U. Aired 4-5p ET • Markets Close at Records Amid Tax Plan Hopes; "Congratulations" for British Prime Minister as Brexit Advances; Europe Make Net Neutrality Offer to Tech Firms; New All-Time High for Bitcoin After Historic Week; Stellar Debut for New Star Wars Episode. Strikes Brexit Deal with European Union; Tough Losses for Bitcoin as Craze Continues; Solid Jobs Numbers Pushes Wall Street to Record; DUP Says, No "Cherry Picking" in Final Brexit Deal; EU and Japan Agree on Free Trade Deal. Aired 4-5p ET • Russia Banned from Winter Olympics; U. Government Under Pressure Over Brexit Plans; Supreme Court Hears Landmark Gay Rights Case; Air Travel Group Says Smart Luggage Could Explode on Planes; • Brexit Talks Falter at Last Minute; Dow Hits All-Time High After U. Tax Vote; "House of Cards" to End Without Spacey; Disagreement of Irish Border Stall Brexit Negotiations; Music Causing a Blue Christmas for Shoppers; • Glitch Leaves American Airlines Without Pilots for Christmas; Trump Stumps for Tax Cuts; NBC Fires Top Morning Show Host; U. Security Council Holds Crisis Meeting on North Korea; Son of Late Saudi King Released from Detention.Aired 4-5p ET • Abe and Trump Discusses Trade and North Korea; U. Aired 4-5p ET • White House Hits Back On Comey Revelation; Trump Reconsidering TPP Trade Deal; Western Powers Strike Syria Targets after Suspected Chemical Attack; Palestinian Officials Say At Least One Person has Died, 960 Injured in Gaza Protests; Trump Pardons Ex-Cheney Aide Convicted of Perjury in CIA Case; Roma Faces Liverpool, Bayern Faces Madrid in Champions League Semi- Finals. Aired 4-5p ET • Gaza Death Toll from Friday Clashes Rises to 18; Netanyahu Suspends Migrant Deal; Trump-Putin Discussed Meeting at White House; U. Markets Tumble on Trade and Tech Fears; Spotify to List Shares on NYSE Tuesday; Spotify Leads Apple for Paying Subscribers; New York DJs Compare Spotify to Apple Music; Mark Zuckerberg Calls Tim Cook's Comments on Facebook "Extremely Glib"; France Braces for Nationwide Transport Strike; Hackers Steal Data from Millions of Saks and Lord & Taylor Customers; Trump Renews Attack on Amazon as Shares Plunge.S., Syria Give Conflicting Accounts on Global Chemical Weapons Experts; Prime Minister Theresa May Apologizes for Treatment of Windrush Generation; Microsoft Leads Coalition Against Cyber Warfare; Starbucks to Close U. Stores for Race-Bias Training; One Dead, Seven Injured on Southwest Flight; China-U. Trade Battle Escalates; IMF Chief Economist Predicts Global Growth will Slow after 2019; U. Stocks Rally, Twitter Soars on Upgrade • Two Black Men Get Arrested at Starbucks for Trespassing; Starbucks CEO Apologizes for the Arrests of Two Black Men; WPP Shares Fall after Sorrell Resigns; Martin Sorrell Quits Amid Investigation of Misconduct Claim; Comey Releases Book About Trump and His Administration; Beyonce Becomes First Black Woman to Headline Coachella Festival; Phelps Becomes Colgate Ambassador; Stormy Daniels and Attorney Addresses Press; Earnings Boost U. Aired 4-5p ET • Congress Grills Secretary of State Nominee; Massive Power Outage Hits Puerto Rico; National Enquirer Paid Trump Doorman ,000 to Keep Quiet about Trump Affair Rumor; Duterte Apologizes to Hong Kong Victims of Manila Hostage Tragedy; Analysts Say Bitcoin won't Regain Record Levels; Japanese Band Makes Song and Dance about Cryptocurrency. Aired 4-5p ET • Facebook under Fire over Controversial Memo; Kenyans Question Cambridge Analytica Role in Election; Russia Expels Diplomats from Countries Worldwide; RT to Go Off Air in Washington; Israel Military Uses Force to Contain Gaza Protests; Russian Foreign Ministry: U. is Trying to Recruit Expelled Diplomats; Woman Accuses a Top U. Official for Forcing Himself on Her; Space X Launches Rocket, But Recycling Effort Fails; Extreme Volatility Rocks Markets in First Quarter; Dow Posts First Quarterly Loss Since 2015; Wall Street Optimistic About Q1 Earnings; Trump Worries Global Elites in Davos; Zimbabwe's President Searches for Inward Investment; Mnangagwa: Priority of Zimbabweans is Economy, not Social Rights; Quest Tours UPS; World Sport. Law Enforcement Raid Cambridge Analytica's Offices; File-Sharing Service Dropbox Pops in Wall Street Debut; Mozilla, Sonos Suspend Advertising on Facebook; Pint-Sized Champagne Set to Return After Brexit; European Markets Close Sharply Lower.

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