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She retains a close relationship with Estonia and there is a museum dedicated to her in Haapsalu.“I like to travel and I travel a lot, often to Estonia, the country of my childhood.A talented illustrator, she applied for a job as illustrator at Rabén & Sjögren in 1953 and was introduced to Lindgren, who had just finished writing the book, “Mio, my Son”, and who could see immediately that Wikland was able to “draw fairy tales”.Wikland did a test-drawing for the book and this was the start of the long-term collaboration with Lindgren, which lasted for decades.

In a recent poll, the former ambassador and diplomat emerged as one of the most popular potential candidate for president in the autumn election.Wikland later said Lindgren’s writing made her see inner pictures.In the same way that Lindgren wrote for “the child within her”, Wikland often also drew for the child within her.Among other Lindgren’s books, Wikland illustrated “The Bullerby Children”; “The Brothers Lionheart”; “Karlsson-on-the-Roof”; and “Ronya, the Robber’s Daughter”.Wikland is still in a great spirit and very active.

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